Elan Italian Sourcing was founded by Chiara Fontani
to bring Italian artisanal craftsmanship and creativity to the world of US and global fashion.

Born in Florence, Chiara moved to NYC after graduating with a Master in Psychology.
Elan was born from her passion for style, quality and functionality of fashion and the many years of experience developing and coordinating sourcing solutions for various brands’ design and product development teams. Elan represents the union of her two worlds: the Italian sensibility, elegance and creativity which she grew up with and the innately American desire for discovery, innovation and dynamism.

How Fashion
is changing

In today’s ever changing world, we have observed how the digital era has transformed and has made fashion more accessible across borders, creating a more direct and open dialogue between the customers and the brands.

In the American fashion particularly there is a stronger social consciousness and the brands are expressing the cultural values and reflecting diverse cultural influences and are taking part in important conversations about race, gender identity, politics and the environment.

While the designers and the brands are still expressing their creativity, experimenting new technologies and making products that make people dream, they also have to stay attuned with the issues that are relevant for their customers and they have to define their core values.

is a key point

The brands are aware of the importance to have a positive impact on the planet by creating high quality products that last a long time and have a low impact on the environment. In this perspective the quality of the raw materials is extremely important and this is why Elan wants to create a network of Italian factories to become the right partners for the American brands.

These factories while preserving the tradition and the craftsmanship are also reorganizing themselves to find solutions to reduce the impact on the environment during all the phases of the production with the goal to offer products of quality that are also eco-friendly.

Why Made in Italy

When we look for high quality materials the choice of Made in Italy comes natural because it represents a long history of craftsmanship, artistry and attention to details. Italian for years have made things beautifully and with care.

Their products represent the result of a consistent commitment to create high quality products that last, while finding also the right combination between style, design and innovation.

In Italy, different excellences coexist next to each other making possible to have a more sustainable approach to the production and make it possible to have the right combination of aesthetics and ethic.

The Italian sourcing
digital platform

The idea of creating Elan Italian Sourcing came to me naturally as not only to leverage my experience of the past several years supporting and coordinating sourcing for different brands’ design and product development teams and to leverage the relationships established with the suppliers but also as a strong response to the disruption that we have seen in 2020.

Elan Italian sourcing wants to make the connection between the American brands and the Italian factories deeper and stronger and with the digital platform wants to ensure that the dialogue stays open all the time.

It will be a space that people can access anytime to review different materials finding the motivation and the right inspiration to keep the creativity process moving.

The commitment of Elan is to work closely with the brands to develop client-centric solutions.

Chiara Fontani, CEO and Founder

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