Metal hardware for the fashion industry, from design to production

Figline e Incisa Valdarno (FI), Italy
The company operates on the surroundings of Florence, the cradle of Italian creativity since the Renaissance

Creazioni Lorenza was founded in Florence in 1968 on the initiative of the Bencini
brothers. Since then the company has been producing a wide range of custom made metal hardware for the fashion industry, including buckles, eyelets, rings, locks, zip pullers, frames, metal clutches and other accessories for footwear, clothing and leather goods.

The company develops and manufactures its products in a lean and dynamic structure
to be flexible and responsive using cutting-edge technology in design and production. This way it can meet the demand for fast deliveries without compromising on the product quality. They employ 3D and 2D Cad-Cam systems, CNC machines and precision laser-cutting technology which enables them to manufacture excellent products from a wide range of materials.

Their know-how, craftsmanship and use of advanced industrial technology is the
essence of their Made in Italy production of beautiful and unique pieces. They
work to match style, functionality, exclusivity and finishing in every product.

Creazioni Lorenza has become a trusted partner of some of the leading Italian and international fashion brands that have worked with the company to produce their statement pieces of clothing and leather good collections.

In its effort to offer new solutions and environmentally conscious materials, Creazioni Lorenza is introducing a new material, called Forext, born from a natural process of vulcanization of cellulose that can be used for costume jewelry, fashion accessories, bespoke furniture and packaging.

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