A new and environmentally responsible way of producing fashion accessories

Figline e Incisa Valdarno (FI), Italy
The company operates on the surroundings of Florence, the cradle of Italian creativity since the Renaissance

Forext, Luxury Natural Material is a new philosophy and approach in research & development that aims to design and produce accessories with a minimal impact to the planet without compromising on the aesthetics and functionality.

Forext was born from the idea and commitment of Creazioni Lorenza, that has leveraged its research capabilities to implement production processes that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. They have introduced an innovative approach to create a new material that can be used in the production of different fashion accessories.

Forext accessories are produced with an innovative material composed of virgin cellulose fibers harvested from responsibly managed forests that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. The new material is compostable, vegetable-based and is developed through a natural vulcanization process of the cellulose.

It can be used for fashion accessories such as eyewear, decorative and furniture pieces, costume jewelry, packaging, design objects, etc. The pieces can be customized in shape and colors according to specific designs and use cases with a wide range of possibilities and solutions including buckles, rings, clasps, zipper pullers, key chains, hooks, closures and much more.

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