Made in Italy elastic ribbons for worldwide fashion

Concorezzo (MB), Italy
The company operates on the surroundings of Milan, the Italian city par excellence for fashion and design recognized worldwide

Rifra Nastri, located near Milano, is a well-known and established Italian factory given its experience over the past 30 years in the production of elastic ribbons for the footwear, clothing and leather goods industries.

The high quality products, the attractive price point and the agile delivery model are Rifra’s key strengths. Moreover its biggest differentiator is its enduring ability to stay attuned and aligned with the continuously changing preferences and demands of the industries.

With a dedicated focus on the research of raw materials and the application of new technologies its goal is to ensure that they can respond to the specific requests of their clients and offer customized solutions.

They have a wide range of elements and techniques that they combine to customize their articles They have used for the first time several types of yarns that have not been used before for the elastic ribbons such as thick raw wool. They can also make unusual combinations of different types of yarns and use different techniques of printing like digital printing or hot embossing. Rifra’s ribbons are not only functional but also serve as an embellishment that enhances shoes and clothing pieces which can help strengthen brand recognition and increase awareness.

In order to respond to the increasing requests for environmental friendly materials and sustainable options, Rifra has started the production of ribbons with the use of recycled polyester. As part of the effort to be more sustainable Rifra is working on improving the quality of the productions to avoid waste and they are constantly researching new solutions and eco-friendly materials to be implemented into the productive process.

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