Textiles and textures that capture Italian elegance and versatility

The textile industry has its roots in ancient times and the first fabrics made their appearance in the Neolithic era. These early artifacts had to guarantee warmth and protection from the elements. Over time, its usage evolved to serve as a symbol for status and social differentiation as fibers and fabrics became a reflection of the culture of a place and its peoples.

Originally the production of textiles was done by hand but following the Industrial Revolution the production largely shifted to mechanical looms and industrial machines.

A fabric is a product made by different methods such weaving, knitting or looping fibers which can be natural or synthetic. Fabrics can differ in construction characteristics, appearance and performance as well as how they are decorated and finished, including how they are used.

There are also non-woven fabrics (TNT), where the fibers are felted or bonded together and therefore do not have an organized structure.
These fabrics also have different properties that enable their application in a range of industries and use cases.

Creativity also has always had a fundamental role in the development of this industry. The ability over the centuries of combining tradition, fashion and creative style with innovative production technologies has made textiles one of the most important sectors of the Italian industry.

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