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Trimmings, as a form of ornament, found popularity and fortune in different eras and empires in Europe and across the globe and even today it continues to be used and appreciated.

In fashion, trimmings and ornaments refer to different types of materials such as ribbons, cords, bows, fringes, etc., that can be put on clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories.

They can be used as structural finishing or as embellishments. They can be made using different materials, including silk, cotton, wool, synthetic fibers as well as plastic and beads. They can be applied on different types of materials such as fabrics, leather and harder surfaces.

The production is either artisanal or industrial. The Italian trimmings factories have a long and cherished tradition of creating beautiful, meticulously crafted trimmings and ornaments.

Their attention to detail in the design and production of ornaments and trimmings, enhances the style and the design of the finished products and through the honing of this skill earned from centuries of this tradition, they are able to respond with agility to meet their customers’ needs for customization, flexibility and scale.

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