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Humankind has been using leather skins since prehistoric times to protect themselves from the cold. As we explored ways to preserve this important material, various conservation techniques evolved over time.

As the history of tanning has evolved from the early Etruscans in 800 BC, who perfected the most progressive tanning processes, Tuscany still remains today as one of the global centers and one of most advanced locations for the tanning industry. Tanneries in this region are concentrated in a specific area called the Leather District (Santa Croce sull'Arno). Besides Tuscany, there are other well-known and established tanning districts in Italy specialized by the type of processing and the product destination such as Arzignano and Solofra.

Over the years the appreciation for this raw material has grown enormously, what was initially a rudimentary piece of garment has become a luxurious fashion finished product. Leather is being used in so many different areas: footwear, bags, clothing, upholstery, cars and many more decorative items.

The Italian tanning industry is recognized  world-wide as leader for the advance
technologies and for the high quality of the tanned leather but also for their innovative contribution to techniques to finish, enhance and decorate the leather and to the progressive development of the products from a stylistic point of view. Tanneries in Italy also show a strong environmental commitment to reducing the impact of the tanning process on the environment, including investing in systems that save energy and purify water as well as reducing the waste and the use of dangerous substances, in compliance with regulations and certifications. They are actively looking to introduce diverse methods and find innovative ways to ensure an overall sustainable development of this important
industry and its rich heritage.

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